Media Active was founded in 1994 and today we are a full-service video production company. Our production crews are the best in the business with diverse experience in television and corporate communications.

We have the resources to bring you top scriptwriters, camera operators, directors and post-production personnel while staying within your budget. Our specification: Script-To-Screen, Location Shooting, Post Production, Teleprompter

  • Panasonic HVX200
  • Canon C300
  • Сanon C300 mark II ( 4k)
  • Sony FS7 (4k)
  • Sony EX3
  • Sony PMW F3
  • Prime lens, 25mm, 35mm, 85mm
  • Sennheiser Shotgun ME 80
  • Sennheiser MKH 60 Shotgun
  • Two 6ft ENG Boom(fish poles)
  • Two handheld Beyerdynamic M-58
  • Two Lectrosonic wireless systems
  • Two Tram Lavalier microphones, one contryman(wired)
  • Arri 650/350 Fresnel combo kit
  • LTM Pepper Kit 650/300 Fresnel kit
  • Various Chimeras
  • 3- 6x12 LED color temperature adjustable light panels
  • 2- 12x12 LED color temperature adjustable light panels 
  • C-stand, light stands, flags, gels, scrims and power
  • Panasonic LH900A 8.4 inch LCD HD monitor
  • Panasonic 15inch HD studio/field monitor
  • Tri-caster Mini for Live streaming
  • Adobe Premier Pro
  • Mac book pro for on-site/remote editing
  • Power Mac in-studio editing
  • Final cut 7 and X
  • Adobe Creative Suite pro (Premier, Photoshop and Aftereffects)
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