Twenty Years of Editing and Video Production Services in Philadelphia

Media Active has more than twenty years of hard work and experience to bring you a full range of video production services, including editing and post-production services. Whether you are shooting a marketing video, a web broadcast, or a commercial video, we strive to offer every one of our valued clients high-quality results which are intended to ensure customer satisfaction and to help us reach the unique goals of each and every brief we receive. We are happy to make use of your previous projects to enhance them or we can create brand-new videos from scratch with your ideas. We will work with you every step of the way and offer our expert advice to make sure that you get everything you need out of your video. Most importantly, we will help tell your story or get your message out there.

A Professional Corporate and Marketing Video Production Service

If you are looking for a professional marketing video production service, look no further than Media Active. These services can become a critical part of your marketing strategy, even for the corporate face of your business. Our creative team of highly skilled directors, screenwriters, editors, and producers, as well as video operators, have access to all the necessary production, post-production, and editing equipment as well as the knowledge to get your message across to your intended audience. We provide a full array of corporate production services, including developing concepts and seeing the process through from beginning to end. We give our clients an all-in-one solution, including writing, creating, and editing your videos to ensure you derive the maximum benefit from your videos.

Business Video Production Service and Commercial Solutions

At Media Active, we specialize in the production of entertaining, relevant, and infomercial videos. We are proud to offer full-service business video production, digital advertising, and creative marketing strategies to ensure your videos truly resonate with your intended audiences. With Media Active’s help, many organizations, large enterprises, and individuals have achieved more than they could imagine with the power of professional video production.

Our commercial video production services include:

  • TV commercials
  • Video editing
  • TV infomercials
  • On-location commercial shoots
  • Video broadcasts
  • Webcasting
  • YouTube video production
  • Safety training video production services
  • Editing services
  • Post-production services
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