We Make Professional On-Location Video in the Philadelphia Area

On-location video or shooting is an option that we offer when your video project demands that shooting be done either at your location or somewhere else. The entire project is coordinated by our experienced production group, and everything will be done quickly, effectively, and with the most creative approach possible, along with high-quality pictures and video recordings. We are even able to make things work in poor lighting conditions. We’re happy to sit down and discuss your marketing strategy, the interior and exterior of the shoot, and also take on pre-production planning to provide to you with the most effective decision for your video requirements. If you are looking for timely, professional, and creative video production services, talk to Media Active today and we will come up with the best strategy for your needs.

Media Active's On-location Video called DEMO Real 

On-Location Video Production for Television in the Philadelphia Area

If you’re looking for creative experts with high-end equipment, you’ve come to the right place. Media Active have professional, portable video equipment including a 4K HD cameras, lighting systems, and audio recording equipment. We can record your videos in either HD or 4K. Whether you want to shoot your television spot in a film studio, outdoors, or any other location of your choice, we have the solutions to ensure you receive the highest-quality videos. All our products and services have undergone stringent tests and have been approved by satisfied customers in Philadelphia and nationally.

We Offer On-Location Shooting for Your Commercial or Marketing Film

On-location shooting is an excellent solution for video presentations, demonstrating products and services (such as for an infomercial or TV commercial video), broadcast video, corporate events, and any kind of festive event, no matter where the event might take place. Our customers can look forward to using our film and videotaping and photography services that are sure to capture the nuance of your messages and stories. We don’t just care about the quality of the end-product, but we also ensure that nothing gets in our way when it comes to producing exceptional footage.

There Are Plenty of Advantages of an On-Location Video Shoot to Enjoy

There are many advantages to an on-location video shoot that a studio shoot just cannot offer. Best of all, with our high-tech equipment and the ability to work in any situation with any kind of lighting, you can rest assured that your videos will come out looking like the sensation that they are going to be. If you’re not sure where you would like to shoot a video, our team is happy to come up with a location and strategy to make it happen – we’re with you every step of the way.

Check out the benefits of shooting on location:

  • Natural lighting
  • Unique scenery
  • No special effects
  • Amazing, natural backgrounds
  • We set up everything you need
  • We offer non-standard ideas and unexpected final strategies
  • HD or 4K videos
  • Portable green screens or in studio
  • Interior and exterior backgrounds
  • On location video shoots to suit your needs
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Call Media Active Inc. for your next shoot in the Philadelphia Area. Shooting in High Definition, and now 4k, we are always on call and always professional, delivering excellent pictures and crystal clear sound.