Media Active Offers Streaming and Media Video Broadcast Services

Media Active has twenty years of experience with clients in the Philadelphia area. We are happy to help with the development of your business through video broadcast, streaming, and other media services at a great cost that is sure to yield impressive results for business. We are able to offer services in a wide range of formats to suit your needs and goals. Whether you are launching a new product, trying to boost your current range, or trying to elicit a response to your services, we will help you every step of the way. Right from conceptualizing to post-production, our team of experienced, creative, flexible, and knowledgeable staff will make sure you not only reach your goals, but exceed them. Let us ensure that your videos are seen by your target audience, where they are, and get them sharing your videos in no time at all.

Astellas Rubgy Passing with Media Active Inc's video broadcast

A Full-Service Digital Broadcast Video Production Agency in PA

Not only do we use state of the art equipment for every project we take on, we also take on a wide list of projects in the industry of broadcast video production. We offer services in a wide range of formats to meet your needs and thanks to our technological video equipment, we know you will be thrilled with the results of our digital service. We have been servicing clients in PA for more than two decades, and our satisfied clients can attest to our professionalism and creativity.

Having an Event? We Offer YouTube Video Streaming Broadcast Services

These days, if you don’t stream your event live, you are losing out on a great deal of business, interest, followers, and brand ambassadors. From larger gatherings to corporate meetings, and smaller projects, such as videos on YouTube or documentaries, and even short films, we offer top-notch video streaming broadcast services. Thanks to our wide range of lenses, we use HD or 4K cameras to broadcast excellent images and crystal-clear sound. Our professional film crew and experienced technicians are available 24/7 for all your streaming needs.

All About the Media Active Digital Video Broadcast Process

Modern broadcasting has eliminated the need for controlling each and every part of the process when shooting a live video. Now, we can achieve desired results using simple and more effective methods. We have a team of creative and experienced broadcasters just waiting to shoot your meeting, event, YouTube video, webcast, and so much more. Whatever you need, talk to Media Active today and look forward to exceptional results tomorrow.

Our digital video broadcast solutions include:

  • Screenplay development
  • Preparation of personnel
  • Equipment for shooting your online video
  • Digital video broadcast for YouTube
  • Adjusting sound
  • Creating appropriate lighting
  • Process of shooting live video
  • Editing video
  • Video processing
  • Evaluation of results
Ready To Get Started?
Call Media Active Inc. for your next shoot in the Philadelphia Area. Shooting in High Definition, and now 4k, we are always on call and always professional, delivering excellent pictures and crystal clear sound.