Video Production Equipment for Webcasting and Media Productions

At Media Active Inc. in Philadelphia, we use the most modern and technological video production equipment for the creation of high-quality media and webcasting videos. The equipment is, by far, the most important element of our work and the better the video is, the more it will get used to impress your customers and the more it will benefit your business. We are able to create short videos in HD and 4K with crystal clear sound and the best possible audio and visual quality out there. If it wasn’t for our top of the line equipment, we would not be able to offer the high-quality, creative, and impressive video production services that we do. Just ask any of our satisfied customers and they will tell you how we’ve used our equipment to shoot videos that have turned their businesses around.

Video Production Studio Equipment for Editing and Shooting Corporate Events

By in large, our most important is the camera, but it’s not only that that helps us achieve the results we do. The latest and most state of the art equipment and the way in which we do our editing using different services and software is what ensures we offer our clients the highest quality video production services. We also do our best to implement stringent security protocols to ensure your projects don’t fall into the wrong hands. Our video production studio equipment coupled with over two decades of industry experience is what makes Media Active a top production agency.

Quality, Basic Lighting Equipment for Video Production Business

We’ve been in the videomaking business for a long time, which is why we know that you need good lighting equipment for video production. Whether you’re shooting in studio or on location, you need to create well-lit scenes with the help of professional equipment designed for business use. Camera lighting is an excellent and vital accessory which is especially useful for the shooting of documentaries, and news-style videos where may not have enough time to install bigger lighting rigs. Once we develop a strategy for your shoot, we will decide on the best lighting solutions.

Professional Service and Live Video Production Equipment from Media Active

Of course, the video camera is our central piece of equipment for all professional video shoots. The right live video production equipment will make your videos look stable and professional, and will elicit the actions and emotions you desire from your target audiences. Thanks to our top of the line video equipment, you will be able to see how valuable and high-quality your webcast, broadcast, and events can be.

At Media Active Inc, we use our equipment to shoot:

  • YouTube broadcasts
  • Webcasting
  • Live streaming
  • Infomercials
  • Any type of live event
  • Professional conferences
  • Board meetings
  • TV commercials
  • Webinars
  • We use the best live video production equipment
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